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How to Choose a Christian Based Illustrated Story

When bringing up your children, it is best to bring them up in a godly way. That way, you will be sure that your child has upright Christian morals. Children love stories, and Christian based illustrated stories will make your child more attentive. They will understand more about the message behind a story if the story has a simple illustration. These bible stories allow a child to know more about the current surroundings better. Therefore, you need to choose a well-illustrated, Christian based story for your child.

A good Christian based illustrated story should have quality knowledge. If you are choosing a story for your child, it is often useful to check on the content in the story. Some contents are not helpful to your child. Quality content will be informative to your child and will spiritually guide them. Bad content might mislead and confuse your child. Relevant Christian based illustrated stories will lead your child into spiritual maturity.

Your child’s age is also a significant determinant when choosing a Christian based illustrated story. Different authors come up with stories for different aged children. Go for a story that your child can easily understand. Some stories might be written for elder children to read. If you choose the wrong story for your child, they will not understand the stories. The right bible story for your child will be interesting to read and understand. Also, it will be easy for your child to narrate a story that they well understood. Understand that learning is a process, and so is biblical matters too.

Consider the kind of illustration used for the story. An illustration like pictures, videos, etc. are used in the Christian based illustrated stories. Some illustrations might be hard to understand. Choose a story that has colorful and attractive pictures. Also, pictures or videos should look real and clear. That will enable your child to understand more without a doubt. An unclear illustration will leave your child in too much doubt and questioning. They might misunderstand or misinterpret an ambiguous illustrated story. To avoid misinterpretation go through the book before choosing. Do not be convinced by an author or seller to buy a book that you well know will not help your child.

Your motive and goal when choosing a Christian based illustrated story are essential. When selecting an ideal bible story for your child, you should have an objective towards the story. You may want a specific story in the bible that has a particular message. One of the goals for buying a Christian based story could be maybe you want to pass a message to your child through a bible story. Or perhaps you want them to understand a consequence of sin in the bible. By this, you will have guided your child spiritually. Do not just choose a story for the sake of it have a reason or motive behind it. If you choose the right story, you will be impressed seeing them understand the story and apply it in their daily lives.

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