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when i give my two months recognize letter do i give a single to my human resources manager and my sales mentor?

Concern by Casey M: when i give my 2 months observe letter do i give one to my human resources manager and my product sales mentor? do i give it to my human resources supervisor and my sales coach? or just my human resources manager? Ideal reply: Solution by Orbachone.Letter to Human Resources dept. Include [...]

What are some of the largest difficulties in Human Resources right now?

Concern by Mandy: What are some of the biggest difficulties in Human Resources today? I am writting a three-five website page paper for my human resources management course on ” The Biggest Challenges in Human Resources Nowadays”. I was questioning if any person out there had any relative input on this or if they could [...]

What are the human resources strategies?

Concern by tikor77: What are the human resources techniques? in my very last MBA comprehensive scenario examination, we had a scenario for a firm which is organizing to do business overseas, in the examination i was asked for to suggestions them what human resources need to they use. can any one particular aid Ideal solution: [...]