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Learning More About Navicular Horse Disease

Well just like human brings horses all suffer from various diseases. These diseases affect the horse’s ability to jump, ride or even run appropriately. It is good that you get to note the disease in the first place when it attacks the horse for you to get the most adequate treatment for the condition. First of all, your horse is a huge investment so make sure you deal with all issues affecting it. Like in the first place, be sure to seek the help of a vet or a farrier, this is the first step you take in combating navicular disease or syndrome. If you can reach out to one then they will try and see what treatment option suits your horse and be able to try it out. Prompt diagnosis is much needed to allow treatments, medical or surgical to begin early in the first stages of the disease. That way you may be able to reduce the pain and other small issues related to the navicular syndrome.

To add on that, ensure that you are utilizing the available treatment options to the fullest. Though if the syndrome has been discovered late then chances are that you may not be able to cure navicular anymore. It has developed and thus it is really hard to cure but just take corrective measures to enhance the horse and improve its ability to jump and do other activities. The first option you can opt for is the proper trimming of the hooves. This can provide relief for many horses with this kind of syndrome. Regular and proper trimming also is critical to correct angle of hooves and the pasterns. So try this for your horse and you might be helping it to adjust a little bit. Trim the hooves more often to correct such issues and offer the horse pain relief. It does not have to feel pain again. At least something can be corrected in the long run.

As if that is not enough, therapeutic shoeing can be utilized in the case things are at their worst. This treatment option can help to improve the horse’s comfort and even deal with issues such as break over. It is therefore key to look at your horse and determine what option will work for it. Also, you should get it right that some conditions or some cases can be healed when given time and proper treatment. However, if it is too late then you can forget about curing the syndrome. So, anything uncertain about your horse finds out as fast as you can, especially with the hooves, could be navicular disease and might just affect your horse for the rest of its life. Be proactive as well to avoid such problems or infections. But do prior research to make sure your horse is right in the first place, the first time you buy it. The navicular syndrome can be dealt with in the above two options according to many experts. Read the above post to understand more about the navicular disease, what measures or treatment options are advised and also know what to do in case of this syndrome attacking your horse.

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