Goals of DIgital Marketing

Digital marketing (online marketing) is the umbrella term for a number of different marketing instruments and activities that use digital technologies. Companies use different tactics to use the available methods in the right coordination for addressing customers digitally. These include activities of SEA (Search Engine Advertisement), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media, content marketing, display advertising, email marketing, affiliate marketing, marketing automation, or online PR based on customer relationship management.

The starting point for this is usually a company-owned website on which blog posts are published, e-books and white papers, digital tools or infographics are offered and the distribution of customer-relevant content can be controlled via the social media channels used. Customers should be addressed at the right time and in the right place using digital devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

Goals of digital marketing

  • Optimizing website traffic. Qualified website traffic and the right users on the website play a major role in digital marketing. The improvement of qualified traffic is an overarching goal of all digital marketing activities.
  • Lead generation. A lead is a prospect who is understood as a potential customer. Individual marketing activities aim to meet demand with the right offers and thus generate contact details.
  • Increase in length of stay. The customer-friendly design of the online presence and meeting the expectations of users is a big factor in persuading visitors to stay on the website for a longer period. This also has a major impact on search engine ranking results.
  • Brand building and brand loyalty. Digital marketing is used to build and maintain the brand. Different strategies and tactics have developed across individual digital channels. In combination with the communication that matches the brand, a consistent brand structure can be created.
  • Efficiency increase. Efficient digital marketing makes a significant contribution to a measurable customer approach. A major goal is to improve conversion optimization and thus avoid wastage.

Strengthening customer loyalty is also another factor to consider. Satisfied customers are a fundamental factor for every company. With the right instruments and tools, successful customer management can take place via digital channels. To get strategic digital marketing advisory, contact a professional today.

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