How significantly does human resources managers make in the Netherlands?

Query by flapjack is cherished: How considerably does human resources managers receive in the Netherlands?
I would like to know the regular wage that human resources supervisors generate in the Netherlands (in euros). You should give a link to your resources. Also, google translate could not translate the expression “human resources manager” to dutch. Does any individual know the right translation?

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Response by Corneille
That is hard to say. It depends on things as:

– schooling
– age
– experience
– branch of sector
– business

In the link under you are going to see:

Sector (branch of business) : Metaalnijverheid (metallurgical industry)

Functie (operate) : Human Resources Supervisor (you see : we use the same phrase(s)!)

Opleiding (schooling) : Universitair onderwijs (university education)

Ervaring (in jaren) (several years of experience) : four-ten jaar (a long time)

Totale Bruto Jaar Salaris (complete gross year wage) : 56000 (is in euros)

Hope this will help.

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