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Qualities That Make A Good Spiritual Sermon to Listen To

Preaching is one of the gifts of God, and not everybody is gifted the same. For a sermon to be transformative, there need to be some of the things that makes it so. A seasoned spiritual sermon will inform and teach the listeners who will not remain the same again after listening. A sermon in termed good when it fulfills the message that God intended from the beginning through the preacher or the minister relaying it. There are qualities that will make a good sermon for the listener, and these are the qualities that one should look for.

One of these is the clarity of the message. A sermon that points you to the truth is a sermon that you can keep listening to. Clarity means that the sermon is built on the right structure and doctrine as well as the flow, length, and pace. Clarity is not on the number of points and makes them few. It combines all these to become the best sermon. The pastor needs to give a message that is true and clear, and that is what you should be looking for in a sermon. The second quality is the authenticity of the sermon and the preacher. You need to see the personality of the pastor in their peaching if you want to experience the best. You should be real and authentic when preaching, and that is what as a listener you should look for. There are so many preachers who will not want to be real, and those are not likely to point you the things that you can achieve.

A good spiritual sermon is centered on the word of God. Anything that sounds like the heresies does not make a good sermon, and you should run away from such. The foundation of a good sermon is always on the true word of God. It is not all about one preaching about themselves, but the focuses should be on God. A sermon that is centered on the word of God means that the explanation and its application is on the word of God. It should point you to the thoughtful application of the preacher through the help of the spirit of God.

Finally, it should be for the glory of God as well as able to transform the listeners. The sermon should not stand for the glorification of the preacher but God. When you listen to a sermon, and you find that it does not point you to God but to the pastor and the church, then know that it is a misplaced sermon that you should not put more emphasis on. Again, after listening to it, there should be a transformation taking place. The transformation begins in the spirit, then mind, and finally manifests in the body. If you listen and there is nothing that is getting transformed, not even the chain of thoughts and perspectives, then you are listening to a wrong sermon. You need to be transformed by the word and the sermon clearly.

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