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Key Steps to Prevent Physician Burnout

Physician burnout can be described as a condition where a professional is characterized by a long-term stress reaction in their field of practice, negative attitudes towards their patients, increased feelings of fewer achievements and low or no empathy for the patients you are serving. Prevention of burnout is therefore, essential to ensure the well-being of the professional and reduction of work-related stress.

Scientific research has proved that many physicians in practice are facing burnout symptoms and thus every organization should avail resources to address the issue to ensure quality delivery of services to patients as it helps in giving the physicians the much-needed moral to accomplish their goals and at the same time satisfy the patients. Below are ways of preventing physician burnout.

Organizations are advised to remodel their payment systems. To prevent burnout, there should be value-based reimbursement of the physicians and not the fee-for-services approach. The organization should, therefore, re-architect physician practice for value as it gives the physicians the right morale for the work, they are capable of doing. The redrafting of the payment system can be done through the use of software solutions which can be gotten easily.

Another effective approach to dealing with physician burnout is taking the team approach when assigning roles. Health care facilities should have teams of care coordinators and nurse practitioners. The team approach ensures well-coordinated quality services, sharing of responsibilities among the highly trained and medical professionals. Physicians working as a team provides the sharing of responsibility and doing work together. They, therefore, help each other and motivate each other, which results in less burned-out physicians in practice thud effective delivery of services.

Technology can also come in to prevent the causes of physician burnout and at the same time, prevent the shortage of physician and facilitate the expansion of capacity of the team. Incentives of the physicians should accompany the use of technologies. At times, there can be the right technologies for the physicians but lack of incentives for the additional time spent of these technologies will lead to burnout of the physicians in practice. So, whatever kind of technology introduced for the use by physicians, it should be accompanied by incentives to ensure the professionals are paid for their value and not the volume of work they are doing.

Every health facility should have wellness as a quality indicator. This means that you can use various wellness measures to establish how good the physicians are in their field when it comes to the delivery of services. The evaluation of their wellness should be carried out periodically to ensure they are in their best state.

If possible, there should be a wellness committee which avails various strategies to keep the physician in the best condition possible. The committee should be able to conduct a wellness survey and maybe choose the wellness champion amongst the physicians. Keeping the physicians on their toes will help in the prevention of physician burnout.

If the physicians are working as a team, it is recommended to meet with their team leaders severally to discus the best interventions of promoting their well-being.

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