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Vital Information About FCC CORES
The Federal Communications Commission requires contractors to obtain an FCC Registration Number. This registration number is a requirement for every person that will do business with the FCC. It doesn’t matter if the business is outside the plant, inside or if the business involves wireless or wireline communications. The FCC is referring to it as the Commission Registration System. CORES is an internet-based registration system that gives users using the FCC a unique registration number. To access CORES, you must have a password. For entities looking to fill an application or pay a fee, they have to identify themselves using their registration numbers. This registration number can also be used with all licensing and filing systems.
It is vital to get the registration number when filing applications or paying the Commission. The FCC can easily verify the payments you make when you have the registration number. You can apply to get the registration number willingly. It is, however, advisable to use this registration number when making any form of payment to the FCC. To register for the registration number, you can click on the CORES Registration link and then follow the procedure provided. You can also complete the application process manually if that is more convenient for you. The application forms are provided by the FCC Form Distribution Center, and you can call them to begin the application process.
When registering for the registration number, you have to provide your name, address, email address, and taxpayer number. The Commission can also contact you, meaning if you have a license or certificate, you should provide your current official address. Again, when making forfeiture payments, you should provide a present-day address so that the Commission can send correspondence to that address.
It is vital to note that every entity with a different taxpayer number is required to have a separate registration number. This allows you to keep your business activities separate. You can also choose to get different registration numbers for your customers or clients. In CORES, all the information you provide must be current. This means in case you change your password, address, phone number, email, or any other relevant information, you should update the information. You can do this through the CORES Registration link or by filling out a form manually. These forms always provide any mailing instructions you are looking for.
CORES is a system that has personal information about individuals. This means a lot of people have privacy concerns because they are worried this information might be accessed by other people. However, this information is only used by the Commission. It is never published or distributed to anyone else. The information is only shared with governmental organizations such as the Debt Collection Improvement, and this is allowed by the law. You can check the numbers provided on the Commission’s website if you have any questions that need answers. These calls are recorded as they help the Commission provide better services to CORES users and maintain better security of the system.

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