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Top Tips for Starting as a Voiceover Talent

Maybe you have a remarkable ability with accents or a long experience as a radio broadcaster. If you’re an actor seeking to expand your employment horizons, mastering voiceover is crucial as it’s required in all types of recorded media, such as film, animation, TV corporate industrials, and so on.

No matter your particular experience, beginning in voiceover typically requires the following:

Know the industry.

You have to educate yourself in this business before you invest in it?especially if you have such high hopes as a newbie voiceover talent. You should know your prospective key clients and the producers who would be receiving your voiceover demos. If you can’t please them, then you can’t please yourself as far as being in this industry is concerned.

Get training.

You can’t just go “winging it” because it’s unreliable and thus unprofessional, which is also why there are several one-hit wonders in this profession. Certainly, you will need a professional approach, correct mic handling techniques, and time committed to endless practice. Your confidence will slowly increase from there.

Have your own simple yet reliable home-recording environment.

Keep this in mind: you want to impress as a voice talent, not as a recording engineer. Even so, you do need the ability to submit a proper audition. Do not spend a fortune on a mic! You can’t go back to the store to return it. You could have the coolest gear but unless you can use them, they’re a waste. And guess what: where you’re recording counts way more than what you’re recording on. Be in a quiet spot, such as your home library.

Get a professional production.

If you want to sound professional, submit a professionally produced demo. Yes, you need to spend some cash for this, but provided you pick a professional studio, you will receive professional results that can well justify your costs.

Target VO-specializing agents. And take note that some hats were not made for your head.

Audition like it’s air!

Fact is, voiceover, as so many things, is all about numbers. The best ones don’t necessarily win the projects. Aside from a great demo, make sure you give your total best with each audition as this will help give you a solid career in the future.

Post your demo in as many useful places on the Internet.

At the end of the day, online is where most voice talents are discovered and hired these days. You will have dramatically more opportunities with your professionally produced demo accessible to anyone who could have an interest in hiring you.

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