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How to Choose a Keynote Speaker

Keynote speakers can break or make an event. An effective keynote speaker does not only meet your event’s objectives but also successfully engage your audience as well as avail valuable information which can be easily applied. However, a poor keynote speaker can fail to connect to the objectives of your company and leave the audience feeling that time was wasted. If you are responsible for securing a keynote speaker for an event, your decision can reflect on you positively or negatively. To choose the best keynote speaker, make sure you follow these guidelines.

Define your goals. Speakers emerge from all walks of life, having a range of expertise and experience. Every speaker can provide delegates with a variety of lessons and messages, implying no two keynotes will be the same. Many times, clients call and say they are holding events and are in need of speakers. The starting place ought not to be to fill the keynote speakers’ slot but around the agenda of the event and as a result, the reason you need the speaker for the session. By beginning with the aim, you can choose a speaker who directly aligns with it.

Know the flow of the event. At different phases within an event, the energy of the audience fluctuates. Knowing the flow of the event as well as the speaking style that aligns with this will greatly help you to choose an ideal keynote speaker. Ensure the kickoff speaker can outline the big picture hence setting the goals and the tone for the day. Ensure the after-lunch speaker has dynamism and energy to ignite the delegates post-food again. Ensure the closing speaker can bring together significant messages from the entire day and that they are flexible in their content so they can respond and reflect on the other delegates.

Ensure a keynote speaker embraces the question and answer forum. Since a keynote speech directly relates to your audience, they value asking questions at the end. Make sure the speaker you choose is flexible as far as the format of the session is concerned and can deliver the exact impact needed regardless of the standardized format. You should work with your speaker and their preferences to ensure they will deliver in an environment that is more suitable for them.

How much will you pay the keynote speaker? Ensure you are clear what the total cost of hiring a speaker is from the start. The whole amount quoted is for the speaker, but be aware that speaker costs often do not cater for accommodation or expenses. In addition, some speakers have special AV requirements or riders that may incur extra production costs to you. Compromising on a speaker’s AV requirements may imply that the speaker will not deliver their content successfully or more, hike the risk of technical problems since the speaker does not have a suitable environment to deliver. Clarify the entire costs upfront to ensure there are no hidden surprises then compare for different speakers to make a good decision.

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