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Things to Consider Before Choosing Crane Rental Services

Renting a crane or other heavy machinery is a cost-saving alternative for most contractors. It is because you get to avoid additional storage charges when you are not using the crane. When you take advantage of equipment rentals, it opens up a variety of options when you are looking for the appropriate equipment for every type of work. Before you step out in search of crane rental services, have a look at the factors that you should take into account.

The first factor to consider is clearance requirements. If you own a large worksite, you might not need to stress over clearance requirements for the crane. However, for small-sized construction sites, it is paramount for you to know the amount of clearance you will require. Even though a big size crane can fit in a small-sized construction site, you must bear in mind that you will require extra space to allow the crane to operate effectively. For instance, the cab should have sufficient space to turn, and the arms need room to fold out.

Another factor you should take into account is the crane operator. Crane operators need to have licensing and certification requirements. Therefore, if you intend to let one of your workers operate the crane, confirm that their license is updated. Renting a crane minus the operator is referred to as bare rentals. Bare rentals are less costly; however, sometimes, equipment rental companies do not accept these since they want to be confident the crane is operated correctly.

Also, it would be best if you considered the arm length of the crane. Before you rent a crane for any construction or demolition activity, you first need to confirm how far the arm can extend to verify that you are renting a crane that will suit your needs. Some specific types of tasks need the safety of a long arm crane.

Moreover, you must take into account the work permits. You need to ensure that you get city permits before you start operating a crane rental at your construction site. Find out with your crane rental company if they can give you these permits. If the agency provides permits, it will save you the trouble of filling the paperwork and getting the permits by yourself. In case the crane rental company does not offer permits, they can be in a better position to tell you the licenses you will require for you to operate the equipment.

Besides, the crane safety program is worth your consideration. Make sure you search for a crane rental service that provides training programs to educate your workers on the safe ways of operating the equipment and also how to maintain it. If the crane rental company does not have a program like this, it can be an indicator that they do not have a vigorous safety standard policy.

Make sure that you find a CCO-certified crane rental agency. Any rental agency that has CCO-certified operators is a sign that the agency is attentive and is keen on industry standards. Even if you consider bare rental, there’s always a possibility that you will require help along the way. If the company provides its labor and supervisory services for the machines they rent, this could go a long way in helping you to beat the deadline if your project is behind schedule.

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