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Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Surf Leash

A surfboard leash is a cod that attaches to the tail of a surfboard and it is worn around a surfers’ ankle with the use of a Velcro strap. The purpose of the leash is to keep your surfboard close to you after sustaining a wipeout. In purchasing a leash, go for one that is of high performance that combines essential features and high-quality materials to formulate a leash that is unbeatable in all surf conditions. That would be the value best entry-level and all-around leash in the market. Important to check on is a leash with the best value today with a combination of innovative features that results in a leash that is ideal under all conditions. Features to look out for are no tangling of the leashes swivel which means that the two are two separate leads not to get tangled. Also, it should have a stainless steel swivel system. The Velcro hook system that is safe-grip that offers precise grip and strength performance in a range of conditions, that adds more safety precautions. Another feature is an extra Velcro length added for use with wetsuits. Rigid cuff attachment for tangle protection, built-in key pocket, and a triple wrap rail saver are some of the other features to consider when purchasing a surf leash.

A knee cuff surfboard leash is a type of surf leash. It comes in two sizes, longboards or other larger surf craft in small to medium-sized waves. This is designed for use as an all-round leash in a variety of different surf conditions, which will have you covered from your local beach break to the slightly more demanding point or reef set-ups. With your safety as the main concern, the highest quality Velcro that can be found on the market. A test of the Velcro knee cuff attachment shows you just how strong the connection can be when only the highest quality materials are used. Using a wetsuit to combat the cold conditions leads to a loss of Velcro length and therefore reduces the surface area of Velcro bonding and leads to unwanted detachments and hence surfboard chasing. This problem is solved with an increase in Velcro length to ensure a more than an adequate area for maximum bond strength. The leashes should have a large surface area on the cuff connector that ensures that the leash cord stays rigid and away from your leg. This is a very useful feature during take-off where the cord can be loose and floppy and can easily wrap around your leg and ruin your take-off.

A 6mm cord for less drag and more speed in the water is a competitive advantage. The 6ft Pro Performance COMP leash features a 6mm high strength polyurethane cord that reduces drag in the water resulting in more speed on take-off and down the line. An extra Velcro length is added for use with wetsuits. Using a wetsuit increases the diameter of your ankle and a need to also increase the surface area of Velcro bonding. Not having this added surface area can lead to a lot of unwanted detachments and surfboard chasing. This is combated with an increase in Velcro length to ensure a more than an adequate area for maximum bond strength.

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