3 Common Applications for Small Laser Machines

Lasers were invented in 1960, and their uses have been expanding ever since. Modern lasers can be simple or complex, but they all essentially work by producing a focused beam of light that can be manipulated for a range of uses. Their capabilities were originally harnessed for scientific and manufacturing purposes but, eventually, suppliers like bosslaser began offering smaller, simpler machines capable of cutting and etching various materials. Small businesses, craftsmen, and artists now use them to create unique products.

Lasers Can Engrave Materials

Many engraved items are created using laser machines. Gift companies often sell products and then customize them to according to clients’ specifications. Small Internet businesses routinely use lasers to personalize merchandise with logos, messages, and images. Laser machines are used to create plaques, baby gifts, personal tumblers, special-occasion drinkware, key chains, phone cases, and picture frames.

Laser Machines Will Etch Glass

When a laser is used to create a custom glass item, it actually etches rather than engraves the item. Machines include software that allows users to change functions when they need to work on surfaces as delicate as glass. While etched glass was around long before modern technology, lasers create a cleaner, more beautiful design than older etching processes. Lasers make it faster and less expensive for craftsmen to produce multiple items. Machines have attachments that allow users to work with cylindrical objects. They can easily personalize beer mugs, glass plates, Christmas ornaments, awards, and mirrors. Engraved glass plaques and frames are typically created using laser machines.

Lasers Create Beautiful Wood Crafts

Wood signs, gifts, and decorative objects are just some items that can be created using a laser. Machines are also used to build architectural models, toys, artwork, and souvenirs from wood. Craftsmen can use a variety of wood types, including poplar, cherry, maple, alder, and hickory. The process works equally well on solid timber, MDF, and veneer. Depending on their power, machines will cut through fairly thick wood. For example, a 150 watt model will cut through a 3/4″ piece.

Millions of craftsmen, artists, and small business owners now use laser machines to create a range of custom products. Lasers can be used to engrave gifts and design stunningly beautiful etched glass items. They are also excellent tools for cutting and customizing hundreds of wood items.

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