The human resources manager needs a program that calculates the end result if she offers an staff a raise in sal?

Issue by Carina: The human resources manager would like a software that calculates the result if she offers an employee a increase in sal?
The human resources supervisor wants a software that calculates the result if she offers an personnel a raise in income. The output is the projected salary with the increase. The input is the recent wage and the share increase expressed as a decimal (for example, .04 for a 4 percent increase). Design the interactive display screen, then draw a flowchart for a plan that accepts the enter and generates the report.

Best solution:

Response by mchl494
You only require to search at the issue to formulate the reply. Skip the interactive screen for now simply because that is only a five-moment art activity. Search at what is being requested by inspecting the verbs and the topics in the sentence.
Who or what will do these Actions? Human source staff, computer
What will they do? Input knowledge to raise the salaries of folks in the firm by four{1d420ad1b89943547b2d78ae01ad870c89f92f9163c7f3cfb89207fdc1b42660}
What will then happen? Personal computer will take the data, then adjust the current data by .04
What will be the very last part? Laptop will produce a report showing the will increase.

You have your response by looking at the question.

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